"And kindly refrain from addressing me as ‘Doc’."

The Five Doctors - 1983

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Doctor Who Meme ; Six Companions [3/6]

Victoria Waterfield

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Outtake.  The snake head of Jason’s Lucius cane gets caught in Dan’s robes. 

sorry, love

the head touch

this is so fucking cute

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All the Doctors are IN!!! All 13, plus two “variants”.
My sketchbook goal was Hartnell to Capaldi— DONE!

I’m re-posting the Classic Doctors so that they can hopefully be seen altogether with the New Who sketches I just posted…

I’d like to eventually do companions and other DW characters (Sarah Jane, The Brigadier, Jamie McCrimmon, The Master, etc.) but frankly right now I’m exhausted! :P And I’ll be busy with these, as well as other unrelated illustration and comics projects, for quite awhile…

Now I have to ink and paint them all. This might take awhile… :P

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The masterpiece is completed! It took /hours/

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